Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christmas Break

I have finished my first semester of sophomore year. It was a hard semester because I took more hours than ever and took two science courses at once. I am not a person who can handle 17 hours and two science courses. There are people who can do it, and I applaud them. I am very excited that I can think about Christmas break. This is what I like to do on break:

- hang out with friends. Christmas time is a chance to see friends since the semester is over.

-sleeping in. I love it when I can sleep more. Finals week is tiring and it is nice to relax a bit.

- tv watching. I don't usually watch much tv during the semester. Christmas movies are my favorite to watch during break.

-I like to color or do hand lettering since I have more time.

- blogging. I didn't blog as much during the semester that I wanted. During Christmas, I will be having more posts for you.

What do you like to do during Christmas break? I would love to hear about it. Don't forget to follow this blog on Instagram:awordwithlm and Facebook:A Word with Liu Miao. Stay tune for the next post. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Baby, I'm the lucky one

Here is a guest blog post from an adoptive mom's perspective about adoption. They adopted their daughter Faith from China. I met this mom via Instagram because we follow some of the same people. It turns out that we live near each other and her daughter goes to the same hospital that I am a patient at. I really enjoyed what Michelle had to say about adoption. Her mentality is not that they saved their daughter but that their daughter has blessed them. The link to Michelle's blog  will be at the end of this post.
                                           (Michelle and her daughter Faith)

Our family was in the market for an RV. With as many small children as we have, we decided the best way to vacation would be to do it via our own “mobile hotel room”. We entered the main office of our local RV dealership ready to make a deal. As my husband spoke with the salesman on RV specifics, I walked around the office, keeping our four children entertained. It turned out that the dealership did not sell an RV with the layout we were looking for, but before we left, the dealer asked if he could speak to both of us and called me into his cubical.

            I sat down next to my husband in a seat across from the salesman thinking he was about to give us an elaborate sale’s pitch to try to talk us into buying a model we weren’t interested it. Instead, he looked at each of us and said, “I want you to know that what you have done for that little girl is amazing. I admire you. She is so lucky to have you.”

            While I appreciate the sentiment and I admit, the verbal pat on the back feels very good sometimes, what we did in adopting our youngest child doesn’t compare to what she has done for us. Stacy Manning put it correctly when she said, “Adoption doesn’t make a child lucky. It makes him loved and part of a family, but it also makes him touched by a deep loss and that is not lucky.”  
     Our adopted daughter, Faith, was abandoned by her birthparents hours after being born and spent the first three years of her life in an orphanage in Zhoukou, China. We don’t know much about those first three years, other than what her hospital records tell us, but her doctors here think most of those years were spent in a crib with little interaction. She was handed over to us with brittle and course hair chopped short and intestinal parasites literally eating her from the inside out. She couldn’t walk, feared men, toys and abandonment. She was also very malnourished. She had turned 3 days before we met her, yet she was the size and weight of a 6 - 9 months old baby. She couldn’t walk, didn’t talk, and could not even feed herself. Upon seeing her pediatrician here at home, she was diagnosed with “failure to thrive”. On top of all of that, one day we came along and forced her to leave the only home she had ever known, her country and her culture. None of this sounds “lucky” to me.

In the following year, we watched as an infant grew in fast forward. She learned English, gained 11 pounds and 4 inches, she began walking a month after coming home and then relearned to walk after successive casting and heel cord release surgery to correct her clubbed feet. Instead of spending her days in the confines of a crib, she spends them surrounded by siblings, a mommy and a daddy. Most of all she has a light from within that shines in her eyes because she knows that she is wanted, cherished and loved forever. God took a little life that was abandoned hours after her birth, had no family and was literally dying and has truly redeemed her life! In Joes 2:25 the Lord promises, “I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten” and we have seen that promised redemption lived out in our little Faith.
      The most amazing part of all of this is that we were chosen to have a front seat to it all! We truly are the lucky ones to be able to witness the miraculous power of love first hand. She endured difficulties beyond imagination while we received a pure blessing – her as a part of our family. Faith has taught us so much and is an inspiration to so many. If we had not opened our hearts to adoption we would have missed it all!

     Adoption isn’t about being an amazingly compassionate or perfect person. If it were, no one would be qualified to adopt. Adoption also isn’t about getting a lucky break in being chosen by a family. Adoption is about opening your heart to love- whether you are the adopter or the adoptee. It is about being able to provide a loving environment that encourages spiritual, emotional, and physical growth. The miracle of adoption is that a stranger from as far as a world away suddenly and completely becomes family. Thank you, Mr. RV Dealer, but you got it all wrong. We are not amazing, she is the amazing one and we are the “lucky” ones to have been given the honor to raise this precious girl and to be able to witness the true miracle of adoption.

 Here is the link to Michelle's blog http://foretastesofglory.blogspot.com/

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Friday, November 11, 2016

Things Not to do when you meet an adoptee

When I mention that I am adopted, I have been told many interesting things. People also ask some interesting questions too. I am a Chinese and adopted into a Caucasian family. Here is a list of some statements/questions:

-      Do you speak English?

-      Why do walk like that?

-      You are very lucky to be adopted.

-      How does it feel to be adopted?

-      You’re adopted? That’s your mom?

-      Do you know your birth parents?

-      You should try to find your birthparents.

-      Stare at me when I am with my parents

-      Stare at me when I walk

-      Ask me my adoption story (out of context or when I just met you)

How many of you can relate to these questions/statements? Please comment below to share your experience. Don’t forget to check @awordwithlm on Instagram and facebook for updates about the blog and to get a glimpse into my life.

Friday, November 4, 2016

My freshman year of college

I am a sophomore in college now! The time has gone quickly and this semester seems to go by so quickly. College has been an amazing experience. It has been hard but fun. I have made friends and enjoyed many classes. Here are some things that I learned in my freshmen year:

-      Time management is very important! It is very stressful when I put off studying or doing assignments.

-      Me time is very important. I learned that I need to give my brain a break every so often when I study. It is not good to study continuously for several hours. Running, baking, drawing, watching tv are good options for breaks from studying.

-      Talking with professors is important! During my first semester, I talked with almost all my professors. Since I showed that I cared about learning and worked hard in the class, I was able to get two references from two professors. I was able to receive help about the course because I actually talked to the professor.

-      Find a group of people to hang out with. Some of the people that I meet during freshmen year, I am still friends with them. Friendships come and go , but you never know when you will meet a forever friend. Joining a club is a good way to meet people who share common interests.

I enjoyed my first year of college. It was hard but I have met some awesome people. I can’t believe that I am almost halfway done with my second year. Time goes by quickly. Don’t forget to check @awordwithlm on Instagram and facebook for updates about the blog and to get a glimpse into my life.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Lunches on the Go

Who brings their lunch on campus? I do not like to buy my lunch at the cafeteria or bookstore. Being more healthy and cheaper are the reasons that I bring my own lunch to campus. Here are some ideas of what to pack for lunch.

-      Fruit

-      Sandwich( chicken salad, lunch meat, BLT, pb&J)

-      Vegetables

-      Salad

-      Trail mix

-      Left overs

-      Yogurt

-      Cheese

-      Soup

-      Chips (yes I know not the healthiest thing to eat but tasty right?)

-      Water (Don’t forget to hydrate)

-      Rice or noodles ( make big quantities of rice or noodles and use it for multiple meals)

There are so many foods that you can pack for lunch and the choices are endless. These are simple and mostly cheap ideas. If you already bring your lunch, what foods do you bring?  Don’t forget to check @awordwithlm on Instagram and facebook for updates about the blog and to get a glimpse into my life.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Be SUMthing Different

I did a guest post on Dim Sum and Doughnuts! This is something that I struggle with and learning to deal with it.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Blog update

(picture from Google)

Hello to all! I am back at blogging and I'm sorry for my absence in the past few months.  There was a lot of things going on in my life and I needed to take a break from writing. Recently, I have slowly started writing again and realized that I missed blogging. Here are some updates :

- I will post twice a month.Topics include: food, college, fashion, and adoption.
- I am a sophomore in college. this semester is going so fast. I am a biology major and minor in Spanish.
- I will use Instagram in order to connect with readers and other bloggers.
- Motivational Mondays will be a new thing on  Instagram 
- Welcoming Guest posts on the blog.

Remember to check awordwithlm on Instagram to receive posts about the blog and to see a glimpse into my life. A word with Liu Miao is also on Google plus and contact liuliumiao@gmail.com for any questions about the blog or guest posts.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Online college classes

I took two online classes during the spring 2016 semester and I was a little nervous taking online classes . I took Spanish 2 and art appreciation online. Each class was set up differently. The art class was more relaxed and the Spanish class was more structured. Since art had two weeks for each section, I could work on art anytime during the two weeks. Spanish had deadlines every week on specific days for daily class work. Both classes took a lot of work. I made As in the classes. Here are my tips for online classes.

-      Schedule a time for your online class. It is easy to put off your class since you do not have to be physically in a class room. If your class is more relaxed, try to work on the class a little bit each day. Thus you will not have a ton to do before the deadline.

-      Put reminders about homework and quizzes/exams. I love to use sticky notes in pretty colors. You can buy big quantities of sticky notes and they will last you for a while. I also put reminders in my planner. Writing helps me remember things better. Putting reminders on your phone or tablet is another great option. It all depends on your preferences.

-      This tip applies for other classes. Do the small assignments.  It is great to do extra credit assignments. All the points will add from the small assignments and extra credit assignments. These points could determine if one gets a B or an A in a class. One does not need to spend hours on these small assignments/ extra credit assignments because one needs to spend plenty of time on the big assignments. This is where time management comes in.

Hope you guys are having a great weekend! What do you like to do for your online classes? I can’t believe school starts in less than a month. Don’t forget to check @awordwithlm on Instagram for updates about the blog and to get a glimpse into  my life.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Outfit ideas for college classes

Hey guys!!! I apologize for not posting in awhile. How has your summer been? I wanted to share some outfits ideas for college campus. If you aren't in college yet, you may wonder what people wear at college. People wear a variety of outfits ranging from professional to casual. I will give you simple outfit ideas. Outfit will vary depending on your location and weather.

1. Casual Chic~ Take a nice dressy shirt and pair it with denim jeans/jeans or casual skirt. Colored jeans that match the top will look great. Casual dresses are good options for campus because they aren't too fancy for class. Simple flats or sneakers are good options for shoes. I discovered comfy shoes are best when you are at campus all day.

2. Casual ~ This outfit is when you don't have a lot of time to get ready or you don't feel that great. I would wear sweatpants or exercise pants with a t shirt. This outfit is when you want to be super comfy and lazy. I would suggest sneakers or running shoes. This outfit is great if you do athletics at college.

3. Presentation day. This outfit is great when you have to present in class, research symposium, debate. I would wear a dress shirt with dress pants/dress skirt. The color choice will depend on the event. Some events prefer certain colors.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Inexpensive Summer Activities

I am so happy that it is summer. Summer usually means that we have more time to do fun activities. Even though you might have a summer job, you can still have a little fun. Summer can make a college student broke. There are many expensive activities in the summer. You may be tempted to do these activities. I have thought of several inexpensive activities to do with family, friends or by yourself.

- Go to the park. You can take a walk or have a picnic. Play a game with your friends in the park. 
- Have a movie marathon at home. Have some popcorn and other snacks.
- Have a game night. This can be a real fun time with friends. I suggest having snacks too. I get hungry when playing games.
- Read a book series. It can be relaxing to read a book that is not a textbook.
- Make S'mores in the microwave or an outdoor fire. This is a simple yummy snack. S'more make me think of summer. There are so many ingredients that you can add to s'mores to make it your own. I like to add peanut butter to my s'mores.
- Coloring books. It has been proven that coloring can relax people. Coloring brings back childhood memories. There are so many coloring books to choose from. There are even coloring book apps. Tip: I use coloring books that I already owned so it was cheap.
- Go swimming. 
- Have some girls over and do a home spa. paint your nails and do facials.

Friday, June 17, 2016


I love coffee!!! I do not drink my coffee black in case you were wondering. I love Starbucks frappuccinos. They are expensive and I decided to start making my own frappuccinos.

Frappuccino Recipe 
(I adapted a recipe from allrecipes.com because I didn't have all the ingredients they called for.) I wanted to share my version of the recipe to all COFFEE LOVERS. You can change the ingredients to fit your preference and still end up with a good drink! Making your own coffee drinks will help you save money.

1 cup of brewed coffee. I chilled the coffee in the refrigerator for about two hours.

3 tablespoons of white sugar.

At least 2 cups of ice. I used ice cubes not crushed ice. you may add more ice.

1/2 cup of 2% milk.

about 1/2 of caramel macchiato liquid creamer. ( caramel drizzle would be a good substitute. this is what the original recipe called for)

Put all the ingredients in a blender. I blended the mixture until it was at an ice cream texture. Make sure the lid is on tight!

I topped the drinks with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream. Caramel drizzle would be good too.
 this recipe makes about two 16oz servings. I also had about 8oz left over
I hope you enjoy your frappuccinos. I would love to hear how it turn out making them. Do you cook or bake? 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Thoughts about adoption by an adoptee

This is a very different kind of post than I usually do. Recently, I asked an adoptive mom what she would like to know about adoption from the view of an adoptee. There were three main topics that she asked me about. Belonging in a family, embracing the birth culture, and information about the past are the broad topics that I will discuss today. I am not claiming to be an expert but I think it is important to hear from the adoptee’s view. My opinions do not represent all adoptees but I hope that my opinions can help adoptive parents.

Belonging in a family.

     This is a very important aspect to consider in adoptive family. Sometimes it can be hard for an adoptive child to feel a part of a family. Some children will have these feelings at various ages. It will depend on the child and their circumstances. My parents always told me that they loved me like their birth children. They don’t always point out that I am adopted daughter. They call me their daughter.  This is important to note. I believe this can help a child feel a part of their family. This can give a child a sense of being like the other children.

    My parents have told me how much work they went through to adopt me. This shows me that they loved me. Any adoptive parent will say how much work it was to adopt. Tons of paperwork, background checks, travel expense, fundraising, and etc. I can guarantee that those parents will say that is was worth it. I believe it takes as much work to adopt children as it does to have birth children.

     Gotcha day is a great thing to celebrate. It can show a child that their family is happy to have them in the family. Some children may not want to celebrate.  When the child is older, ask them if they want to celebrate it. When the child is young, I believe parents should celebrate gotcha day. There are different ways to celebrate gotcha day.  Parents could go all out to celebrate or do something small. Find something that works for your family.

Embracing the birth culture

     I believe that celebrating the child’s birth culture is very important. It gives a child a connection to their past they may not remember (depends on the age of the adoptive child). I do not think it is necessary to celebrate or do every activity from the birth culture but I think that parents should try to do some things from the culture. Cooking the food, celebrating the holidays, learning the language, and learning facts about the birth country are ways to embrace the birth culture/country. Depending on where you live, there may be culture events geared towards the child’s birth country. There also may be other adoptive families with children from the same country. The internet is a great place to find information about the birth culture. Youtube is also a great tool to find information about the birth culture. As the child gets older, they may not want to embrace their birth culture. It depends on the child if they want to keep learning about their birth culture as they get older. Do not force it upon then when the child is older. Let them decide.


Information about the past.

When a child is young, it can be hard to bring up the topic of the past. Every child has a different story. Some stories can be very sad and some stories can be very happy. I think it is best to tell the child information in an age appropriate way. Let’s say that your child is 2. Explain their situation in a simple way. As the child gets older, you can explain the details more. I would say teenage years is a good time to explain the details of their past. The child is older and comprehends more. Recently, I found information about my own past. The maturity level varies with children so it is the parent’s job to tell information in the best way. The thing to remember is to be honest with your child

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Friday, May 20, 2016

Interview Time

Most of us have had a job interview at some time in our lives. Whether it is for a scholarship/job/internship, interviews can be scary. I was so nervous for my first interview. My first interview was for a scholarship. There are a few things to consider when you go to an interview. These tips have helped me for interviews. I have a job interview and I will be using these tips for that interview.
-      Make sure that you know where and when the interview is.  It makes me feel less nervous when I know where I will be interviewed. There are many reasons why it is important to remember where and when the interview is. You do not want to end up late because you forget where the interview was or when it was. 
-      Make sure that you are a little early. I like to be five to ten minutes early. It is important to be punctual. Being early makes you look more professional and gives you time to do last minute things. Check to see if you look presentable, get your resume ready, and turn off your phone.
-      Make sure that you bring your resume and possible other documents. This tip applies more to job interview. Bringing your resume shows that you are prepared and professional. For my job interview, I also had to bring a sample of my writing.  It helps to have others proofread your documents.
-      Make sure that you dress professionally. For all my interviews, I dress in business attire. Dressing appropriately for an interviews shows that you take things seriously. When I dress up, I feel more confident. This helps me when I am being interviewed. The weather will also be a factor on what you will wear to an interview. A business suit is a good option for guys to wear for an interview. Business suits, dresses at knee length, and slacks with a button up shirt are good options for women to wear. Ladies keep the makeup simply. I liked to do a subtle neutral smokey eye and I keep my hair down.
-      Make sure that you get enough sleep. You do not want to be tired for the interview. Yawning while being interview can be viewed as rude or unprofessional by the interviewer.

 You can receive updates about blog on Instagram @ awordwithlm or google plus at Liu Miao. Here is a picture of what I wore to the interview.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Facing Fears

 Hello guys! I hope you all are doing well. Hang in there it is almost summer. I would say everyone is afraid of something. It is very hard to face your fears. I am discovering that it is hard to face my fears. What are some of your fears? I will be honest here and I will tell you guys some of my fears. Heights, self-worth, and being judged are some of my fears. How do I conquer these fears you may ask? In reality, I have not conquered these fears. I struggle with these fears but I am learning how to face them. Here are tips on how to face your fears. This process can take a long time to fulfill.

Talk to someone. This has really helped me. I love that I can talk to close friends or family about my fears. They always give me good advice and encourages me. I know that I can always talk to them and I love that I can receive hugs from them.

Writing your thoughts down. This can be a great alternative if you don’t prefer talking to people. I use this method when people aren’t available to talk with me at the time. Both these methods help you get your feelings out. It is better to get those feelings out rather than keeping the bottle up.

Sometimes it helps to work up to facing your fears. For example, pretend that you have a fear of snakes. Gradually work up to liking snakes. A person many never love snakes but they will have less fear when seeing a snake.

Comment below and tell me how you face your fears.

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Friday, April 22, 2016


In college you will have a backpack/tote bag or something to keep school supplies. There are a few things that I like to bring in order to be prepared at college. What you bring in your bag will depends on courses you are taking, the weather, and how long you will be at school for a day. I usually being less if I'm not going to be at school long or if my classes don't require a lot of textbooks. Here are the things I bring to school. The tips can give you an idea on what to bring to school.

1.   Bring your textbook. This will vary depending on the course. Sometimes a professor will discuss readings from the book and it is helpful to have the text right there. You may also need the textbook to study for a test. I like to study for tests at school.

2.   Bring a notebook(s). This is for people who like to take notes by hand. I like to take notes by hand for most of my classes. I use a different notebook for each subject. I also use notebooks to do homework and class work especially for a math course. Do not forget pens/pencils to write in your notebooks. I also keep different colors of highlighters with me. I am obsessed with highlighters and I keep ten highlighters with me.

3.   Bring your laptop/ tablet. This is for people who take notes electronically. I also use my laptop to do homework while at school. I do not prefer to use the computer labs because I like to work in a secluded place on campus. If you will be at school for a long time, DO NOT forget your charger.

4.   Bring a drink and snacks/lunch. I bring my lunch to school. It is also important to keep hydrated. Since I tend to get hungry while I study, I like to bring snacks.

5.   Bring Chapstick, hand lotion, hair elastic, school ID, and hand sanitizer. This tip is more for the girls.  I hate it when my hands get dry at school. Hand sanitizer and Chapstick are good things to have at hand. I bring my school ID in order to use the school printers. School IDs can help get you discounts at various places. I like to keep a hair elastic with me so I can put my hair up.

I would love to hear what you bring to school. You can also follow this blog on Instagram @ awordwithlm or google plus at Liu Miao to keep updated on new blog posts.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Calling All High School Seniors!!!

Senior Year is very exciting. Do not try to rush through your last year. Enjoy it. This is the last time you will be in high school. This time of your life will also bring new changes. Deciding on getting a job, whether or not to attend college and if so where to go to college, what you want to do in life are some of the choices you will have to make. Here are some tips that can help you out during your senior year/ before freshman year in college.

•Enjoy your senior year. As I said in the beginning, do not rush it. There are new responsibilities that you will acquire. Some of these responsibilities will vary but some could include getting a job, paying your bills, moving in a dorm or apartment, and making major life decisions are some of the new responsibilities that you will have. Do not slack off during senior year. You should always do your best. If you plan to attend college, grades are very important when applying to a university of college.

•Take the ACT/SAT/TSI. This is for people who want to continue their education and go to college. These tests are important for college. You need them for college applications. The tests scores determine if your ready for college course. If you score is low, you may have to take remedial classes.

•Apply to a College/ university. This tip also applies to future college students. Colleges/ universities have deadlines for applications. You do not want to miss these deadlines. Depending on the school, you can have application fees voided and or no essay to write if you apply early. Juniors in high school can sometimes apply depending on the school. Find out when colleges / universities accept applications.

•Learn about your college/ university. Once you have been accepted and decided on a school, learn about the school. This will help you get excited about starting college soon. If you are going to a school out of state or in a different part of the state you live, learning about the weather and city can be very important. Therefore you will be prepared when you move to your school. Learning about the city is important because you do not want to get lost and you could find fun activities to do in your new location. Also, learning about your school is very important. You do not want to be completely lost on your first day of college. I recommend reading the rules of your college, visiting the website, visit the campus before the first day, and talk to upperclassmen.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Motivational Talk

Just Keep Swimming 

( image taken from Google.)
This is from the movie: Finding Nemo.  Dory is the name of the fish in the image above. She says this quote a few times in this movie " Just Keep Swimming ". I believe there is a good lesson from this quote. Life can be really hard. There are so many stressors in life and it can be exhausting. Work, school, health, and relationship problems are some of the stressors that people have. Here are some tips that can help you conquer your stressors and motivate you to keep going in life.

1. HAVE ME TIME. When life is busy, you need to have some personal time. This allows you to have a break and it can calm you. Doing art, cooking/baking, watching a movie/ tv show/ YouTube, and spending time with friends are some of the things that I like to do for me time.

2. BREAK BIG TASKS INTO SMALLER CHUNKS. The task will seem less intimidating. This helps with time management and helps reduces procrastination. I use this technique for homework and studying for exams/quizzes. When I use this technique, I am less stressed and I feel more confident about the exam/ quizzes. This tip could be applied for other projects that you need to accomplish.

3. DO YOUR BEST. There are times that people will criticize you on something that you have done. Do not beat yourself up when you receive criticism. What matters is doing your best. Sometimes criticism can help you accomplish doing your best. We learn from other's peoples mistakes and wealth of knowledge.

I hope these tips can help you. I would love to hear how you conquer stressors and stay motivated in life.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Saving Money in college.

I apologize for not posting in forever. I have been busy with coursework. Since it is spring break in the States, I thought this would be a good topic to write about it. I like to save when I can. It’s nice when I can save money on my spring break activities. While starting college, I have learned that college is expensive. I have learned a few ways to save money without sacrificing fun. Being smart with money is important to learn. It will show that you can be responsible. Let’s show the world that not all college students are broke. I hope these tips can benefit you.

1)   Bring your own food. I have saved money by not eating in the cafeteria. I am not saying never eat in the cafeteria just not eat there often. A person can prepare a tasty lunch that is cheaper than buying it at the cafeteria. Bringing your own lunch can be healthier. I am able to eat fruits that are not offered at the café.  There are so many options when it comes to bringing your own lunch. It can be a hassle to bring your own lunch but it is worth it in the end.

2)   Find free stuff at your school. My school offers free activities and activities at a reduced price. This is a great way to save money and socialize with people. Some schools offer free services. For example, they offer free printing, counseling sessions, tutoring services, use of fitness center. Take advantage of these free services. I have used some of these services at my school and it has helped me greatly.

3)   Use your student ID. There are several places that will give discounts to college students.  Some restaurants, stores, and online websites offer great discounts. I know certain movies theaters give discounts too. These discounts will vary depending on where you live.

Have a lovely day and spring break. I would like to hear your opinions or topic ideas about the blog.

Friday, February 19, 2016


Midterms are coming up for college students. They can be scary. It is never too early to start preparing now. Even though I am a freshman, I have learned a few tips that helped me survive midterms. I hope these tips can help you.

·        Find out when midterms are. This is obvious tip but a good one to do. When you know when midterms are, you will be able to prepare for them. You do not want to have them “sneak” up on you.

·        Don’t study last minute. This may not work for some students but it helped me. I try to prepare about a week before the exam. If you work a lot, try to study while commuting to work. Instead of listening to music try to talk about the material to yourself. While getting ready, I would tell myself the material that I need to know. During lunch break, study for the midterms. It is also helpful to quiz yourself over the material

·        Stay hydrated. It is super important to drink water. I get headaches when I don’t drink enough water. It is super hard to study when your head is pounding. Keep a water bottler near you when studying.

·        Don’t study for long periods of time. I find it better to study in chunks. It helps me retain the information better. My brain gets tired if I do too much readings/studying. I like to give myself little breaks. Sometimes for breaks I will do chores, make a snack, check social media, watch youtube /Netflix, and text friends.

·        Get sleep. It can be hard to take a test with only three hours of sleep. I do not recommend all nighters for any test. Some people may be able to function with small amount asleep but a person generally feels more alert with more sleep. Being sleep deprived is not a good thing.

I would love to hear how you study. Have a great day.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Spanish Outside the Classroom

After completing one semester of Spanish, I realized something about learning a foreign language. Incorporating the language is a very important aspect. A person needs to use that language outside of the classroom. It can help that person understand and learn the language better. Why learn a language and never use it outside of the classroom?  Here are tips to incorporate Spanish in your life. These tips could also be applied to learning other languages. I use Spanish as an example since I am learning it.

·         Watch a Movie/tv show in Spanish. This can help you get used to hearing the language.  I like to watch movies/tv shows in Spanish with English subtitles. It helps me learn new words. I like to watch children tv shows in Spanish because I find them more interesting to watch than Spanish soap operas.

·         Read in Spanish. I like to read signs that are in Spanish and English. First I try to read it in Spanish and figure out what it means. Then I read the English portion and see how much I translated correctly.  I liked to read social media post in Spanish too. Spanish books and newspapers are great avenues to practice reading in Spanish.

·         Talk with a Friend. Find a person to practice speaking Spanish. In person, call, and video chat are ways to practice speaking Spanish. This can help you gain confidence speaking the language and practice pronunciation.

·         Write in Spanish. I like to text people in Spanish. Writing in Spanish makes you practice your knowledge onto paper.  Writing a letter or email is another great way to practice writing in Spanish.

I hope these tips can help you. These tips help me incorporate Spanish in a fun way.I would love to hear how you incorporate a new language outside of the classroom.

Friday, January 29, 2016

How to talk and email Professors.

I enjoy talking with Professors at my university. They help me by answering questions about classes or the university. It can be scary talking with Professors. I was nervous when I first started talking to them. Professor can be intimidating at first. I realized that professors are nice people and want to help students succeed in college. Emailing professors is another thing I have done in college. There are a few things to consider when talking or emailing to a professor. Remember these are general tips and these tips may not apply to all professors.

·        Use their title. We need to show respect to our professors. Some professors will want to be called Doctor or Professor. If a professor does not tell you which title to use, ask them what title they prefer to be called by.

·        Open Office hours or appointments only.  It is important to find out when the professor is available. The syllabus will state if they are open office hours or appointments only. This is the time to talk to them when you have a question.  If you cannot talk with a professor on campus, emailing a professor is good option.

·        State your objective.  When you are talking to a professor, explain why you are talking to them. Is it a question about the university, the class, homework, or a specific major? This will help the professor to answer your questions instead of guessing why you are there. This would also apply to emailing a professor for the same reasons.

·        Use correct grammar. This would apply to speaking and emailing a professor. Using correct grammar shows that you are professional. Always proof your emails before you send your emails and think before you speak.

These are the tips I use when talking and emailing to professors. I would love to hear your tips about talking and emailing to professors.

Friday, January 22, 2016


I hope you guys have had a good week in school. I have just finished my first week back at college. What is the one thing college students hear a lot? STUDYING is what students hear a lot from professors.  College students are seeing a lot of this right now.

                                  (picture taken from Google images.)
That’s right TEXTBOOKS.
Here are four tips that I like to use for studying.
As I have already, it is bad to procrastinate. Many bad things can happen when you wait the last minute. Power goes out, wifi goes out, computer crashes, and emergencies are some problems that can delay submitting homework. Since you do not know when these events will happen, it is better to be ahead of schedule and submit the homework early. Less stress and more time to complete the work are benefits of not procrastinating.
While in class, take notes about the lecture. It helps you retain the information and it keeps you from being bored in class. A person can take notes by hand or electronically. I prefer taking notes by hand. There are many apps that help with note taking. Find the method that works for you. You can also quiz yourself with the notes that you took.  Reading over the material will not help you memorize it or learn it. You need to quiz yourself so that you can see what you really know. Do practice problems/tests without your book. I like to make flashcards. Flashcards are very helpful.
There are many times when you are studying that you will get hungry. I like to keep snack near me when I study. Chips, candy, and cookies are some of the snacks that I like. Healthy snacks that I like would include: apples with peanut butter, fruit cups ( oranges and pineapples), and celery sticks with peanut butter When I do not feel like eating, I like to chew gum. It helps me feel more awake.
This is a hard one to follow. There are so many distractions for a college student. My distractions are texting, watching tv/Netflix/youtube , looking/posting on social media, and doing chores when I am suppose to study. How do I conquer these distractions? I put away my phone and I get my chores done before I start studying. Studying on campus helps me focus on my work. When I am not in a room with a tv, I am less tempted to watch tv. I avoid typing youtube or Netflix on my search bar.
 These are tips that I have learned and used while in college. I would love to hear how you study. There is no right way to study because we are all different.  I hope these tips can help you in some way.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

How to destress while in college.

It's that time of year again. Most people have started college or will be starting very soon. Stress is them emotion that many college students feel. Classes, homework, friends & family, and job are things most college students deal with. My first semester of college of college was stressfy and I wasn't working at the time. These are tips that I have learned on how to relax. We all should focus on our studies but we also need to have a break every now and then.

Coloring books help me relax. It calms me. Doing other creative things also help me relax. Drawing, origami, and painting are good activities that can help you relax.

Hanging out with Friends or family.
There are times that you need to have fun with people. I like to attend college group. It's where I can hang out with people my age and I don't have to worry about school. Try to set a time once a month to do something fun with someone.

Sometimes I need to walk around when I am stressed. It makes me feel better. Any type of exercise can be relaxing. It can help you let off frustration.

Bubble baths
This is one of my favorite thing to do. It is so relaxing and it is nice to lay in  the tub. I like to play music while I lay in the tub.

Please Comment below. I would love to hear how you guys relax. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Getting to know me.

Since I am a new blogger, I thought that I would write a post about me. As you read my blog, you may wonder who is the person behind the blog. Here are ten facts about me.
1- I love food and desserts. Rice,pasta,beef jerky, and chocolate are a few of my favorites. From the list of foods, you can tell that I'm not the healthiest eater. I do try to incorporate healthy foods in my diet since I know it's good for me.

2- How I got the name for the blog.
  It took me awhile to name my blog. Since I was adopted from China, I came with a Chinese name Liu Miao. If you don't know how Chinese names work, here is a quick explanation. Liu is the family name or surname. It would be the equivalent to what we call a last name in the United States. Miao is the given name. It us equivalent to what is called a first name. In the US, most people are called by their first name and then their last name. Chinese people invert the order 
last name and then first name.

3- I live in Texas. 
I live in north Texas. The weather in Texas is a bit strange at times. For example, there are times that I can wear shorts in December

4- I am a biology major.
I want to become a medical doctor someday. Since I have experienced the medical environment, I want a job in that setting. I love being in the hospital environment even though it can be painful at times.

5- Type A personality 
I am more type A on certain things than other. For example, my room is not the most cleaned/organized room but I WILL be annoyed by crooked picture frames or anything else that hangs on a wall. I will erase the whiteboard when someone does not completely erases the board.

6- why I started the blog.
I like to help people. I wanted to help college students through writing. Even though I am only a freshman in college, I wanted to share tips that i have learned. Most of the ideas on the blog are my own unless stated. I will give credit to ideas that are not my own.

7- I have a BIG family !!!
I have six older siblings plus my my parents.There are 12 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. This is just the family in Texas.

8- I have a collection of pink pigs.
Almost every pig iteam I own is pink except for one piggy bank. I own three piggy banks, a pig ornament, a pig salt & pepper shakers, a pig foot massage, pig stuff animals, a pink pig pen that oinks, and a pig flashlight.

9- I LOVE spicy foods.
I come from a province that eats a lot of spicy foods. I like hot sauce. i put it on most foods except for dessert. Spicy ramen is one of my favorites. I would to try spicy foods from other cuisines.

10- I am a Christian 
I believe in God and Jesus saved me from my sins. I read the Bible, pray, and involved in my church. I have certain beliefs BUT this DOES NOT mean that I will look down or bad mouth someone who does not share the same beliefs. I respect people who do not share the same beliefs. 

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Acquiring Self Confidence.

Since some requested that I write about self confidence, I decided to write on the topic. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary online, self confidence is defined as "confidence in oneself and in one's powers and abilities"
. Many of us struggle with lacking self confidence. " I'm not pretty, I'm poor, I'm stupid, I'm different and etc" are thoughts that can destroy self confidence. I have struggled with not having self confidence. "I'm not good enough or I'm a loser" are thought that have crossed my mind.  There are two tips that I have learned about gaining self confidence.

(I got this quote from Pinterest.)
We are all different. I think many people would be happier if they stopped comparing themselves to other people. Self confidence is a good characteristic to acquire. People in general do not want to be around someone who thinks "I'm a loser". Instead of comparing yourself to others, just be yourself.
For every fault that you find/ hear about yourself, there is a positive attribute about yourself to find/hear. For example, you may not be the smartest person in college but you are great at sports. In this example, do not dwell about not being smart, but focus that you can play basketball well. 

I hope this post encouraged you in some way. Remember to be yourself.