Friday, November 11, 2016

Things Not to do when you meet an adoptee

When I mention that I am adopted, I have been told many interesting things. People also ask some interesting questions too. I am a Chinese and adopted into a Caucasian family. Here is a list of some statements/questions:

-      Do you speak English?

-      Why do walk like that?

-      You are very lucky to be adopted.

-      How does it feel to be adopted?

-      You’re adopted? That’s your mom?

-      Do you know your birth parents?

-      You should try to find your birthparents.

-      Stare at me when I am with my parents

-      Stare at me when I walk

-      Ask me my adoption story (out of context or when I just met you)

How many of you can relate to these questions/statements? Please comment below to share your experience. Don’t forget to check @awordwithlm on Instagram and facebook for updates about the blog and to get a glimpse into my life.


  1. Hi Liu-

    I was adopted from South Korea when I was a baby to a white family in the Midwest in the U.S. I am 22 and have always been very proud to be adopted and usually tell anyone I meet about it when I tell about myself. I don't find the questions above rude or impolite but I have never been asked the first two. I usually welcome any questions people have as it can be hard to understand being adopted and I know they don't mean it spiteful or hurtful but are just curious. I have never had any bad experiences about being adopted or while out with my family so perhaps I am naive to the cruelty of the world.



  2. Nice meeting you Samantha! These questions aren't rude but I don't prefer to share my life story when I just met someone. I am happy that you haven't experienced bad situations about being adopted. People must be nicer where you live. I loved reading your input.