Sunday, February 19, 2017

my everyday makeup products

Hello guys! I am going to start  blogging again. My health is doing better. Today, I want to talk about my everyday makeup. There are those days that we don't have much for makeup. On those days, I still want to still look put together. These products would also be great for beginners in makeup wearing. Here are the products that I use:

Elf eyebrow kit: Groomed  eyebrows bring a fresh look for a person. Eyebrows define your face and you want them to look nice. This product was inexpensive too.

Elf eyelash curler: My eyelashes are super straight. If you have curly eyelashes, I am jealous of you and you can skip this step. I would not recommend a beginner to use a eyelashes curler.

Eyeliner: I use a liquid eyeliner in a maker tip form. NYC is one of my favorite brands to use. I sometimes use gel eyeliner. It depends on my mood on which form of eyeliner to use. I find that gel eyeliner stays on better.

Mascara: I use cover girl brand. Do not buy elf mascara because it is poor quality.

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