Monday, November 6, 2017

Be a tortoise

(picture from Pinterest)
    This is a an odd name for a title, don't you think? This title is based of a story that I read as a child. It is the story of the tortoise  and rabbit. The rabbit and turtle race against each other. The rabbit believes that he will win because he is faster than the tortoise. Somehow the tortoise wins the race. I saw this quote online "it doesn't matter how long it takes you to finish as long as you finish.". I love this quote so much.
     In my own life, I have felt like I was the slow person in everything I do. In doing physical activities, I felt slow and was not the fastest person. I learned that it is ok to be slow and enjoy doing the activity. It's ok if I don't win which is a hard lesson for me to accept. ( I am very competitive). There are some things that take me longer to do than most people.  I was much older when I go my permit. I honestly felt like a loser because I wasn't driving like my friends.
    Even though I may take longer to do things than most people, I learned to finish things even if I am the last person across the finish line. I am learning patience while waiting to do things that other people get to do before me.

I apologize for  not posting much. I have not had much creative juices flowing for posts. When I put a post on the blog, I want to do my best. Not post just to post. Thank you for staying with me while I have been absent in reading. There will be more posts coming soon. Have a great week!. On a side note, who thinks a tortoise is supper cute? If anyone wants to buy me a tortoise or something with a tortoise on it, I would be happy person and hug you forver.

~Liu Miao~