Monday, February 5, 2018

My Adoption Story

*Hello readers! Today i share my adoption story so far. This is not my whole adoption story because i continue to live in the adoption journey. * This is a very long post

It begins the year 1996 and in Changsha Hunan China. I was born between April-September. My papers say that I was born in September and found near a bridge in November.I lived in the orphanage for about 4 years. I lived in a good orphanage and the ayis (aunties-care takers)loved the children. There is an organization that works with the Changsha 1 social welfare centre and I lived under the care of them for some time. I was adopted in June 2000 by an American family. Almost didn’t get out of Guangzhou ( this is where Americans finish up the adoption process and can leave the country)because of some mistake with paperwork. My mom said that I was somewhat bad on the plane but she wasn’t upset with me because she knew that I was going through a lot of changes. It was a very long flight home because we had two layovers one in South Korea and L.A California (USA). We got to Texas around June 21. Family and friends greeted me and my parents as we came off the plane.( this is prior to 9-11 ). I do not remember a lot from this time probably because it was traumatic with all the changes. Most of this information is from what people told me. I didn’t like dogs at first and my family had a lot of dogs at the time. I have one older sister adopted from China and 5 older siblings ( my parents biological kids)The next year I had major surgery to help me walk better. I remember going to the hospital a lot. I was homeschooled from k-12. We did activities with other homeschool families and I volunteered at a children’s hospital in high school. My high school graduation was just me.My life was pretty normal. I grew up meeting people of different ethnicities or people who lived in different countries ( my dad is a pastor and we would have missionaries come talk about the work in that country). I also have a couple of friends who were adopted. While growing up , I struggled with being adopted and having a physical disability. My parents , family and friends helped me through these struggles and still help me when I have struggles. I did grow up in a Christian home and went to church. I became a Christian around 7-8 years old and continue to grow in my relationship with God. I think of becoming a Christian was my second adoption. I am not afraid to share my thoughts with people but I will be kind when i share my beliefs. There is one more part of adoption story that I want to share. Early 2016, I try to find one of the ayis in a picture. she is in several pictures and my parents remember her. This ayi meet my parents because she took me to the hotel to meet my parents. I contacted the organization that works with Changsha 1 social welfare centre. The organization was able to find her contact information and I was able to email her. I was able to thank her for being a part of my life and helping so many children. She email me back and we continue to be in contact. She also helped me get in contact with other kids from the orphanage ( those around my age or older).Last summer I was able to visit her in Switzerland. It was a very nice trip and it was great too see her. I was able to visit a girl in Switzerland who lived in the orphanage at the same time as me. I am happy to build a friendship with them and get to know them again.

This is my Adoption story. What is your adoption story?

~Liu Miao~