Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Inexpensive Summer Activities

I am so happy that it is summer. Summer usually means that we have more time to do fun activities. Even though you might have a summer job, you can still have a little fun. Summer can make a college student broke. There are many expensive activities in the summer. You may be tempted to do these activities. I have thought of several inexpensive activities to do with family, friends or by yourself.

- Go to the park. You can take a walk or have a picnic. Play a game with your friends in the park. 
- Have a movie marathon at home. Have some popcorn and other snacks.
- Have a game night. This can be a real fun time with friends. I suggest having snacks too. I get hungry when playing games.
- Read a book series. It can be relaxing to read a book that is not a textbook.
- Make S'mores in the microwave or an outdoor fire. This is a simple yummy snack. S'more make me think of summer. There are so many ingredients that you can add to s'mores to make it your own. I like to add peanut butter to my s'mores.
- Coloring books. It has been proven that coloring can relax people. Coloring brings back childhood memories. There are so many coloring books to choose from. There are even coloring book apps. Tip: I use coloring books that I already owned so it was cheap.
- Go swimming. 
- Have some girls over and do a home spa. paint your nails and do facials.

Friday, June 17, 2016


I love coffee!!! I do not drink my coffee black in case you were wondering. I love Starbucks frappuccinos. They are expensive and I decided to start making my own frappuccinos.

Frappuccino Recipe 
(I adapted a recipe from allrecipes.com because I didn't have all the ingredients they called for.) I wanted to share my version of the recipe to all COFFEE LOVERS. You can change the ingredients to fit your preference and still end up with a good drink! Making your own coffee drinks will help you save money.

1 cup of brewed coffee. I chilled the coffee in the refrigerator for about two hours.

3 tablespoons of white sugar.

At least 2 cups of ice. I used ice cubes not crushed ice. you may add more ice.

1/2 cup of 2% milk.

about 1/2 of caramel macchiato liquid creamer. ( caramel drizzle would be a good substitute. this is what the original recipe called for)

Put all the ingredients in a blender. I blended the mixture until it was at an ice cream texture. Make sure the lid is on tight!

I topped the drinks with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream. Caramel drizzle would be good too.
 this recipe makes about two 16oz servings. I also had about 8oz left over
I hope you enjoy your frappuccinos. I would love to hear how it turn out making them. Do you cook or bake?