Friday, September 21, 2018

These are a few of my favorite things

Hello readers! Today I wanted to share a few of my favorite products that I have discovered . I love it when I can find a great product and want to share with you guys. Who doesn’t love finding great products? This list will include a variety of products. Note: This post is Not Sponsored by the brands mentioned in this post.

  • Milk Bones : minis. One box is around $4 and you get like 200 treats. I love using them for obedience training with my dog.

  • A selfie stick. Yes I know this sounds a little selfish ( no pun intended). You can do more with a selfie stick than just take selfies. Selfie sticks can be used to record videos. 

  • Bluetooth earbuds. I recently got a pair for my birthday and I love them. They were $21 at target. 

  • To All the Boys I’ve loved before series by Jenny Han. I checked out the series at my library and I loved it. I also watched the movie. It is nice to see an Asian American girl as the main character and she isn’t portrayed as stereotypical Asian girl. 

  • GRE: prep, practice, flash cards. This app is really helpful and free. It gives explanations to problems, see results , and it has review concepts. You can do practice tests and mini quizzes by subject ( quantitative and verbal). The only bad thing is the app doesn’t include help in the writing section. 

  • Canva app. I use this app to create images for my blog and Instagram. You can create flyers, posters, images for Twitter (cover) ,Facebook (cover) YouTube, business card, logs, kindle image, album covers, Instagram stories filters, and Snapchat filters. There are different templates or create your design. There are something things you can buy but you have so many free options in the app.

I would love to know what your favorite products. Have a great day.

~Liu Miao~