Friday, April 22, 2016


In college you will have a backpack/tote bag or something to keep school supplies. There are a few things that I like to bring in order to be prepared at college. What you bring in your bag will depends on courses you are taking, the weather, and how long you will be at school for a day. I usually being less if I'm not going to be at school long or if my classes don't require a lot of textbooks. Here are the things I bring to school. The tips can give you an idea on what to bring to school.

1.   Bring your textbook. This will vary depending on the course. Sometimes a professor will discuss readings from the book and it is helpful to have the text right there. You may also need the textbook to study for a test. I like to study for tests at school.

2.   Bring a notebook(s). This is for people who like to take notes by hand. I like to take notes by hand for most of my classes. I use a different notebook for each subject. I also use notebooks to do homework and class work especially for a math course. Do not forget pens/pencils to write in your notebooks. I also keep different colors of highlighters with me. I am obsessed with highlighters and I keep ten highlighters with me.

3.   Bring your laptop/ tablet. This is for people who take notes electronically. I also use my laptop to do homework while at school. I do not prefer to use the computer labs because I like to work in a secluded place on campus. If you will be at school for a long time, DO NOT forget your charger.

4.   Bring a drink and snacks/lunch. I bring my lunch to school. It is also important to keep hydrated. Since I tend to get hungry while I study, I like to bring snacks.

5.   Bring Chapstick, hand lotion, hair elastic, school ID, and hand sanitizer. This tip is more for the girls.  I hate it when my hands get dry at school. Hand sanitizer and Chapstick are good things to have at hand. I bring my school ID in order to use the school printers. School IDs can help get you discounts at various places. I like to keep a hair elastic with me so I can put my hair up.

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Friday, April 8, 2016

Calling All High School Seniors!!!

Senior Year is very exciting. Do not try to rush through your last year. Enjoy it. This is the last time you will be in high school. This time of your life will also bring new changes. Deciding on getting a job, whether or not to attend college and if so where to go to college, what you want to do in life are some of the choices you will have to make. Here are some tips that can help you out during your senior year/ before freshman year in college.

•Enjoy your senior year. As I said in the beginning, do not rush it. There are new responsibilities that you will acquire. Some of these responsibilities will vary but some could include getting a job, paying your bills, moving in a dorm or apartment, and making major life decisions are some of the new responsibilities that you will have. Do not slack off during senior year. You should always do your best. If you plan to attend college, grades are very important when applying to a university of college.

•Take the ACT/SAT/TSI. This is for people who want to continue their education and go to college. These tests are important for college. You need them for college applications. The tests scores determine if your ready for college course. If you score is low, you may have to take remedial classes.

•Apply to a College/ university. This tip also applies to future college students. Colleges/ universities have deadlines for applications. You do not want to miss these deadlines. Depending on the school, you can have application fees voided and or no essay to write if you apply early. Juniors in high school can sometimes apply depending on the school. Find out when colleges / universities accept applications.

•Learn about your college/ university. Once you have been accepted and decided on a school, learn about the school. This will help you get excited about starting college soon. If you are going to a school out of state or in a different part of the state you live, learning about the weather and city can be very important. Therefore you will be prepared when you move to your school. Learning about the city is important because you do not want to get lost and you could find fun activities to do in your new location. Also, learning about your school is very important. You do not want to be completely lost on your first day of college. I recommend reading the rules of your college, visiting the website, visit the campus before the first day, and talk to upperclassmen.

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