Friday, October 19, 2018

College Life Lessons

Currently I am in my last year of undergrad. My experience are different from those who attend a big university and my university is very small. There are so many lessons that I have learned while in college. I do not claim to be an expert or have all the answers, but I wanted to share some life lessons from college.

  • Take advantage of the student resources such as the gym, printing, computer labs, tutoring, writing center, and career center. This is where some of your money goes towards. These resources are very help for college classes, applying for jobs or graduate schools, and finding a job.
  • Make connections with professors and or TAs. This is helpful for two reasons. First, talking and asking questions can help you understand the class better. Second, professors are more willing to write recommendation letters if they know who you are.
  • Join an organization. This is great because it allows you to relax and have fun. Classes are so important but having some fun is also important. This also allows you to make new friends that have similar interests.
  • It is ok if you change your major. People change as they grow older and this includes their interests. Sometimes a person discovers new interests and realizes what they want to do as a career. I do recommend changing your major before it is too late so you don’t have to take extra classes. I changed my major at the second semester of sophomore year. I wasn’t affected by changing majors since I was taking vote classes up to the beginning of my second semester of sophomore year.
  • Writing papers are actually important. Many jobs require some form of writing and it is important to present your thoughts effectively whether it is for a book, marketing, a proposal.

I would love to hear your life lessons from college!

~Liu Miao~