Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Motivational Talk

Just Keep Swimming 

( image taken from Google.)
This is from the movie: Finding Nemo.  Dory is the name of the fish in the image above. She says this quote a few times in this movie " Just Keep Swimming ". I believe there is a good lesson from this quote. Life can be really hard. There are so many stressors in life and it can be exhausting. Work, school, health, and relationship problems are some of the stressors that people have. Here are some tips that can help you conquer your stressors and motivate you to keep going in life.

1. HAVE ME TIME. When life is busy, you need to have some personal time. This allows you to have a break and it can calm you. Doing art, cooking/baking, watching a movie/ tv show/ YouTube, and spending time with friends are some of the things that I like to do for me time.

2. BREAK BIG TASKS INTO SMALLER CHUNKS. The task will seem less intimidating. This helps with time management and helps reduces procrastination. I use this technique for homework and studying for exams/quizzes. When I use this technique, I am less stressed and I feel more confident about the exam/ quizzes. This tip could be applied for other projects that you need to accomplish.

3. DO YOUR BEST. There are times that people will criticize you on something that you have done. Do not beat yourself up when you receive criticism. What matters is doing your best. Sometimes criticism can help you accomplish doing your best. We learn from other's peoples mistakes and wealth of knowledge.

I hope these tips can help you. I would love to hear how you conquer stressors and stay motivated in life.


  1. I totally agree with having some "me" time. I need to be by myself pretty often just to recharge and take care of myself. I also agree that you should always do your best!

    1. Hi, Thanks for the comment. I like how your phrased it as recharging yourself. I understand the feeling of needing to be alone.