Friday, February 15, 2019

Changing your major??

You go into college with a major in mind or you finally pick a major during your freshmen/sophomore year. Then you realize that you don’t like the major you picked. You ask yourself, Should I change my major or is this the right major for me?

I have been in this same situation while in college. It’s common for people to change majors while in college. I came into college and declared as a biology major( thoughts of becoming a doctor). I thought I was set. As I started taking biology, chemistry, and trigonometry, I realized that biology wasn’t something that I wanted to continue. My academic asked me this question “ what is a major that you can see yourself doing a job and that you enjoy doing?” I realize that I couldn’t see myself doing a job that requires a biology degree ,but I could see my self doing a job that requires a psychology degree. My goals had change while in college. I found new passions to pursue. Now I’m a psychology major and I plan to be a professor/ researcher in human development and family studies.

There are many things that I learned from this experience.

  • it’s ok to change your major . Goals and passion can change while in college.
  • It’s ok to feel confused about what to do with life. It can be very hard to make big life decisions since these decisions can impact your life later ( like what kind of job you can get)It is also a time where you are more independent.
  • Talk with a professor in the major you are pursuing. I had talked with a psychology professor about her experience of becoming a professor. I also asked about the field of psychology ( job opportunities, the different areas of study , education goals etc). This is how I decided that I could see myself in the field compared to staying in biology ( I previously asked the same questions to biology professors and still couldn’t see myself in the field).

Have a great weekend.

~Liu Miao~