Thursday, December 31, 2015

A New Semester

It's approaching a new year and I am very excited. Many of you guys are college students. The start of classes will be here before you know it. We need to be ready for a new classes. If you are in high school, these tips might help you too. Remember you may need to adjust these tips to your personal needs.

Do Not Procrastinate
If you have not signed up for classes, you need to do it ASAP. Some classes will fill up fast and you do not want to be the person stressed because they did not get the classes they needed.You need to check with your school to see when registration is open. You may have to see an academic advisor. Once you are registered, purchasing /renting books are very important. Try to get books before the first day of class. Sometimes it's not possible to get the books before classes start and some Professors will understand. After two weeks of class, my professors expected students to have books. Buy school supplies before classes start. Once classes start, you will be super busy and won't have much time to buy supplies.

Be Organized 
This is one I struggle with . When I am organized, I am less stressed. I like to label things. It helps me stay organized.  I label my binders, notebook, and folders. I use two binders to keep important papers and homework for my classes. There is a Monday/Wednesday binder and a Tuesday/ Thursday binder. I found it easier to have two big binders instead of having a binder for each classes. I made my labels with Microsoft word and stuck the labels in the front  sleeves of the binders. I used a notebook for every classes and I wrote the name of each class on the notebook. I did the same for the folders but did not use a folder for each class. A planner helped me stay organized. It is hard to remember important dates and homework assignments for five different classes. One last thing, read the syllabus and do not lose it. A syllabus tell you information about the class, policies, important dates, and how to contact the professor.

I hope these tips will help you in some way. Happy almost 2016!! 

Friday, December 11, 2015

7 deadly sins found in Spanish Class.

I just finished my first semester of college and  I am very happy to be done. This past semester I took Spanish I. I enjoyed this class very much. As the semester progressed, I noticed some "sins" that my class would do( including myself). This post is to help others who are learning Spanish. I am not saying that I am an expert in the language. These are the things I learned this past semester that I think are important to remember.

1- Do not pronounce H in Spanish. For example, the word hola is pronounced without the H sound.

2- This applies to writing in Spanish. Forgetting accent marks on certain words.

3-  This also applies to writing. Forgetting to start a question with a upside down question mark.

4- Forgetting to make a y sound when pronouncing  words that begin with a double L.

5- Saying or writing yo gusto. Conjugating verbs in Spanish is very important. Knowing the definition of the verbs is also important.

6- Not doing or forgetting homework. I learned doing the homework was very important. It helped me to retain the information and learn it..

7- Not using as much Spanish as possible. I was guilty of doing this past semester. I would forget to speak in Spanish. I learned that oral practice helped me learn the language.

Remember these "sins" because it can help you in Spanish 1 class.

I would love to hear your comments about Spanish class and tips for learning.