Saturday, November 21, 2015

National Adoption Month (United States)

It's National Adoption Month  in the United States! This is to  help people remember of all the children in United States foster care. I like to think of all the children around the world who need families too. I have been personally affected by adoption. I was adopted from China as a toddler. I am deeply grateful for my parents adopting me. I thank God who brought me into this family. He knew the plans of my life before I was born. He placed me in this family. During this month, I have been thinking about all the children around the world and foster care who need a good home. I have witnessed adoption in other families both international and domestic adoption. I have read stories about children who have been adopted. Adoption is hard on a family but it has great rewards too. Not everyone can adopt but everyone can help and pray.

Monday, November 16, 2015

First Day of College

It was nerve racking to start college. Since I am close to ending my first semester at UNT Dallas, I feel like I got this whole college thing down. Well, maybe not completely conquered.  There are things I have learned in college that have made my semester go well.(ps. I know these tips might not work for everyone since we are all different but these tips are worth considering to think about)

When you show up on time, you will not miss any important information mentioned in class. You need to be on time for exams and quizzes so you will have plenty of time to take them. Depending on your professor, you could get a penalty for being late.

It has important information about the class. It gives you information about the class, how to contact the professor, school policies,schedule of the class, and DUE DATES for assignments. I have had people ask me when is this or that do. I tell them nicely to read the syllabus.

 Professor tend to like you better when they know that you are not a lazy student. This involves turning assignments on time. It can involve showing that you are trying to learn. Asking questions show that you actually care about learning the subject. Sitting in the front or close to the front row can show that you are interested in class(It depends on the type of class though). Go to office hours when you have a question about the class. I usually go to office hours when I have many questions to ask or if I need them  to explain a topic again.