Friday, December 21, 2018

Gift Guide: Dog owners

Hello Readers! I hope all is well and you are enjoying the Christmas season. I am happy to have a break from school and relax a bit. Christmas is a fun time of giving and spending time with loved ones. This gift guide is to help you shop for the Dog Owners in your life. Please remember that this list is just suggestions and it is not an inclusive list. The products mentioned in this post are not sponsored by the company and are my own opinions.

  • Kong products: I personally use these products and love them for my dog. These products last a long time and great for heavy chewers.  Kong Classic Dog Toy- Treat Dispensing is my favorite product. This toy challenges dogs to work for treats. I put peanut butter inside the toy. The tug-a-war toy is also a great option since it is a great toy for fetch. Kong products are expensive but they are great quality. PetSmart often has these products on sale.
  • Milk bone products: This is another product that is great. I use the Milk bone: original biscuits. They come in different sizes of biscuits and different quantity sizes ( a big box of bones or a medium size box of bones depending on how many bones that you give your dog).
  • Grreat Choice Toys: I use the Spike ball squeaker toy, and Spike bone squeaker toy. The spike squeaker toys come in other shapes. They are good quality and last for a while. They are also very affordable compared to Kong brand.
  • Dog Sweaters: I buy dog sweaters at Walmart because it is usually really affordable. The sizing is not always accurate but Walmart has great Christmas sweaters for dogs. They also have none- christmas sweaters too.
  • Gift cards: This is a great option for dog owners since this allows them to pick what they want. PetSmart, Petco, Walmart, and Target are great places to get dog products. Buying a gift card from a local dog shop is also a great option.

I hope this helps give you ideas and that you have a great weekend! Please follow the blog on Instagram @awordwithlm to receive updates about the blog and a peek into my daily life.

~Liu Miao~

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Gift Guide:Spoonies

Hello readers! I hope all is well. I recently finished my semester and so excited to be on break. Christmas is a great time because it involves giving gifts, family, friends and good food. Sometimes it can be hard to know what to buy for people. This gift guide to help you shop for the Spoonies in your life. Please remember that this list is only suggestions and is not an inclusive list.

  • Cozy things: There are many times where Spoonies need to rest at home due to having a chronic illness. Fuzzy socks, comfortable pillows, and really soft blankets can be great options. Having these things can make resting at home a little more comfortable and make a person feel a little better.
  • Fun things to do while sitting/ relaxing in bed: Movies are a great option for something fun to do while resting. Coloring/ drawing is another great option. Books can be a good option since this activity is low key on the physical activity. Audio books are great if one doesn't like reading physical book or for those who may not be able to focus on a book when they are having a bad heath day but they still enjoy reading. Also Audio books don't require as much room as physical books.
  • Food: Some Spoonies have to be on special diets due to their health and it can be hard to find foods/desserts that fit those restrictions. If you can find foods/desserts that fit their health restrictions, it can be a great gift idea since you took the time to find the special foods/desserts. A personalized water bottle or lunch bag are great options too since it is important to stay hydrated especially for Spoonies. A lunch bag is great for those who like to bring their own food due to health restrictions and a cute/personalized bag makes it more fun.
  • Technology accessories: Extra long charging chords are a Spoonie's best friend. Many times technology give Spoonies entertainment when they can't go out and those extra long chords are very helpful for those long hours in bed. Five below, Target, and Walmart have great inexpensive extra long charging chords. Headphones/earbuds are a great option too. A fun personalized phone case or tablet case would be a great option.

I hope this gift guide helps you with your shopping. Have a great weekend. Follow the blog on Instagram @awordwithlm to see updates about the blog and a peek into my daily life.

~Liu Miao~

Friday, December 14, 2018

Gift Guide: College Students

Hello readers! How is everyone? I recently finished my semester and so happy to have a break from school. I can't believe it's almost Christmas. Has everyone finished their gift shopping? If not, this gift guide can help give you ideas to shop for your college classmate or family member who is in college. This gift guide can be applied for those who are college age. Please remember that this list is only suggestions and is not an inclusive gift guide.
  • Gift cards: This can be a great gift especially if you are not sure what someone likes. Also restaurant gift cards are nice since young adults don't always have extra money to eat out #brokecollegestudent. Target, Walmart, and Visa gift cards are great options. If you know a specific place a friend likes to shop, then maybe a gift card there would be a great gift. Gift cards allow the person to pick something they want and ensure that they really like the gift. If you have to travel for Christmas, gift cards are travel friendly.
  • Technology accessories: Personalized phone cases or tablet cases can make christmas gifts. Headphones/earbuds, charging cords, and screen protectors are also great options. It never hurts to have extras of these since many times they get lost. Five Below and target has inexpensive technology accessories.
  • Homemade goodie basket: Many times college students don't have the time to make homemade food. It would be nice to make a gift basket of homemade foods/ desserts that they like.
  • Relaxing things: Buy a gift that is relaxing for college age students. Movies, face masks, bath salts, games, books ( fun reading),  fuzzy socks, and music are things that can be relaxing for college age people. College students are often stressed and it is so important to relax.
I hope that this gift guide helps you with your shopping for college age friends and family. Have a great weekend. Please follow the blog on Instagram @awordwithlm to receive updates about the blog and see a glimpse into my daily life.

~Liu Miao~