Saturday, July 29, 2017

Take Chances

Hello readers! Today I want to share an important life lesson I am learning. No I don't have this life lesson figured out but I have encountered this life lesson a lot in the past year. Taking chances is very scary. We face this situations frequently. We have two choices: stay in our comfort zone or step out and take chances. I tend to stay in my comfort zone. I don't like chance and I prefer to know what will happen. I am boring.

Here are some situations when I stepped out of my comfort zone:

Then last autumn, I started to step out of my comfort zone. I talked with the Spanish profesora (which I wasn't in her class) and helped her with Mesa de espaƱol.  This is where I helped Spanish 1 students practice their Spanish. This was so out of my comfort zone, but this experience helped me so much. 

In the spring, I was the professor's assistant. I helped her in her Spanish 1 class. I was nervous helping her because I wasn't confident in my Spanish.

I participated in my school symposium. This involves making a poster for my presentation and talking about my presentation. Public speaking makes me nervous.

I went to Switzerland by myself. This was an amazing experience. It was my first time flying international. Airports scare me since they are so big. 

In each of these experiences, I had to step out of my comfort zone. I learned so much from theses experiences. My Spanish improved, I learned how to be a TA, public speaking improved, learn to fly international, and make memories in a new country are the things that I gained from the past year. If I had sad no to one of these situations, I would have missed out something amazing. I have learned so much from stepping out of my comfort zone.

~Liu Miao~

Monday, July 24, 2017

Life Update

Hello Readers!

I have been home for almost two weeks. I was in Europe for almost a month. It was such an amazing trip. Sorry that I haven't posted while I was gone or since I have been home. During the trip I was very tired or super busy to post on the blog. Instagram was easier to keep you guys update. Since I have returned, I have been busy with school stuff and been tired( trying to hang out with  friends bed uni starts). Also I have been dealing with some ear problems and I haven't feel up to writing( maybe some writers block?). I did manage to get one post up on the blog the day after I return. Here is what is new with me:

-I start my junior year in the fall!!! I am so excited. Maybe start my project ( still trying to get a professor to accept my project idea)

- I want to try to connect with my readers more. When I read other blogs, I like it when those people connect with the readers. I want my readers have that ability to do it with me. For example: answering comments on Instagram and the blog. I will do more Instagram stories.

- I am going to try to blog more consistently ( though sometimes I may not blog due to my health.)

- I will change my blogging schedule. I will post Mondays!  I think Mondays will work better. I am working on posts. I have so much great content to share with you guys.

~Liu Miao~

Friday, July 14, 2017

5 Tips for international travel as a Spoonie

Hello readers!!! I am back from my trip and I had a wonderful trip. There was so much good things in Switzerland. In a later post, I will share about what to do in Switzerland. As a spoonie, I was nervous about being abroad. You know like break my hip. I did get sick one day but I got better. Here are some tips that can help make your trip easier as a spoonie.

- Assistance at the airport. When I booked my flight, I requested assistance to get to my gate. I can walk but I have trouble walking long distance. My flight was international and I had to get to different terminals by a small train in the airport. Not everyone needs it but assistance is very helpful. If you need to bring medical equipment on the airplane, it is good to let the airlines to know ahead of time.

- Check your health plan or buy travel health plan. I did this because I was in Switzerland for almost a month. I would recommend this because you never know if something happens. Since I am a military dependent, I can go to a military base and get help.

-Drink lots of water!! This is very important for anyone but especially for spoonies. Water will help keep your body healthy. New environment can make your body act weird and you don't want to be dehydrated while on your trip.

-Take breaks. This is so important. There were some days I did many activities and there were days I didn't do as many activities. Also I took small breaks when I did activities. I did a lot of walking but I took small breaks during the different activities.

- Bring your medicine and medical equipment. This one sounds obvious but is very important to remember. If your medicine is liquid, it is good to put it in a ziplock just in case it spills. Make sure that your medicine has the prescription label on it( the label with your name, what the medicine is, why you take it, who prescribe the medicine) just in case the TSA questions you.I always kept my medicine in my hand luggage.