Friday, June 21, 2019

5 Great Bathroom Items for Spoonies.

Hi guys! Today I am back with another post for #SpoonieSeries. Getting ready for the day can be super exhausting for many Spoonies. I want to share 5 bathroom products that help me getting ready easier by minimizing pain and ensuring my safety. I hope this post will help Spoonies to find products that help them get ready with less pain and be safe.
* Note: This post does NOT speak for all Spoonies nor does it guarantee to help all Spoonies. This list is only suggestions and each Spoonie should adjust this list to their specific need(s). Pictures that are not mine are mentioned in parentheses and marked with *. This not an affiliated posts by the brands mentioned. These products were bought with my own money.
Image 1

     - loofah on a stick. (*Image 1 on the left and this image was taken from google. This is not the same exact one I use but I wanted to include a picture for reference.) This is one of my favorite products to use while showering. Since I have severe joint and can't bend at the waist due to my disability, I have a hard to washing my body below the waist. The loofah on the stick allows me to wash my legs without me having to squat down to reach my legs or trying to balance one leg up ( looking like a flamingo).

Image 2

Image 3
- shampoo/ conditioner that aren't big. The bottles that are slender shape can be helpful ( look at the Image 3 on the right side of Image 2. This is the shampoo i currently use. I took this picture myself).  This is super helpful because bottles aren't as heavy. if the bottle is heavy, I end up dropping the bottle due to joint pain in my hand. A slender shape bottle can be helpful because it is easier for me to grip since my hand has joint pain. The pump bottles are also a great option because it minimize movement. ( The image 2 is a product I have used before. *This image was taken from google. )I love this option since it involves less movement. All I have to do is pump the shampoo/conditioner versus picking up the bottle and squeezing the product into my hand. Another great tip is using a bottle that has shampoo and conditioner together. This minimizes one step and you only wash your hair once versus twice.

- no skid mat in the shower. As Spoonies, we have to take more caution with safety. A simple fall for most people can cause pain flares or a trip to the ER for Spoonies. This is super important for me. I don't have the best balance so this product helps keep me safe. Also bathroom rugs should be no skid as well for safety. 
Image 4

- shower handle bar ( Image 4 is the product i currently use and this image was taken by me). This is such a helpful product. I struggle with getting into the shower because it is painful lifting my legs into the tub ( I have a tub and shower combination. Even if it was just a shower, a little lip into the shower would still be painful. I have used both showers.). If you have just a shower, there are handle bars that go on the wall of the shower

- dry shampoo. I discovered this product a few months ago and it is a life changer. There are days where the pain is bad and I don't want to shower. I use dry shampoo on days where my pain level is bad.

I would love to know what products you use to help you get ready with less pain and safety. Also if you would like to guest write for #SpoonieSeries, please email me or comments below.

Happy Friday

~Liu Miao~

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