Thursday, May 23, 2019

Undergrad Reflections

Dear younger me,

College is hard but you will make so many memories. You will meet so many people from from different backgrounds. You will learn to work with different types of people. You will learn that grades aren't everything. You will learn the importance of being involved in your campus. You will learn that changing your major is ok. Your patience level will be challenged and your patience will grow. You will learn to work hard despite the physical pain.  You will discover the power of To-Do lists. You will learn the joy in small things in life. You will learn that it's ok to take naps while in college. You will realize that stress is really bad and good. You will learn that it is important to cope with stress in a healthy way. You will realize it's ok to have me time. You will learn it's ok to cry. You will realize that family is so important. You will learn that positivity and gratitude are helpful for mental health. You will learn that making big decisions are very hard but it can be done through prayer and support from family. You will realize how God has provided for you. You will learn that it is very important to do your best and not to worry about what happens. You will learn character flaws and learn to change them. You will learn to have more self-confidence. You will learn the value of relationships. Most importantly, you will realize that you couldn't do it without God's grace.

College graduate

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