Friday, March 23, 2018

What's on my iphone?


Hello readers, I thought this would be a fun post to write. I love seeing what kind of apps people have on their phones. I have an iPhone because my friend gave me her old iPhone when she upgraded to a new phone. I have the IPhone 5s. Even though it’s an older phone , it works really well. I currently do not have it connected with data. I just use wifi and most places have wifi. I have phone that is connected to a phone plane so I can call and text without needing wifi. My real phone does not have the ability to have apps nor is it touch screen. (None smartphone aka dumb phone)So I use the iPhone to use apps. It is cheaper to pay for a none smartphone than it is to pay for a smartphone. Now on to the fun part.

I have all my apps on two “pages” on my phone. I like to keep my phone screen neat and organized.


Here are pictures of the apps in the folders. PicsArt is my favorite app to edit pictures because it doesn’t leave a watermark on your pictures after editing. I love spanishdict because I can get word of the day and learn new Spanish words. It also comes in handy when I need to look up a word in Spanish. Blackboard is used by my university. Yes I know that I have a lot of messaging app but I use all of them. WhatsApp, WeChat, Messenger,and Kakao Talk are great apps to message friends that are international or if you are traveling internationally.

I would love to know what apps you have on your phone. Have a great day!

~Liu Miao~

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