Thursday, March 15, 2018

My Spoonie Story

Hello readers! Happy Spring Break and I am so excited to be on spring break. Now I have time to write and relax. Today I share my spoonie story. 

The spoonie theory was created by Christine Miseradino and here is summary of the theory. She explains how some people have more spoons to get through the day. People with chronic illness or disabilities have limited spoons and have to use their spoons wisely. Doing things will cost you a spoon. Sometimes the activity will cost you more than one spoon. I really this theory because it is a great picture for people to understand people with chronic illness and disabilities.

I have a disability and a chronic pain. My disability is severe bilateral hip dysplasia which includes atrophied muscles near my hip area. I have had this disability since I was really young( from the age of 2 that we know of). My disability really didn’t really cause to much physical problems. I had surgery around the age of 4 and the surgery helped me walk a little better. During my senior year of high school, I started having a lot of pain. I went to a lot of doctors. All the doctors say that i have a lot of pain because the structure of my hips and it causes stress on my hips(That’s why I didn’t really have a lot of pain while I was growing up). So it has been almost 4 years since my chronic pain has started. I can feel by bones get worse. I have not been diagnosed with arthritis, but I do have a lot of joint issues.

In conclusion, it is hard to be a spoonie. For me, I have pain most of the time, but I do have Good days. I like to celebrate my good days. I have been able to relate to others since joining this community of spoonies.

If you are a spoonie, I would love if you consider being on the #SpoonieSeries. This is a series on the blog that allows spoonies to have a voice. These posts can be informational, be a story(encouraging, funny) about being a spoonie.

Have a great week and May the Spoons be ever in your favor.

~Liu Miao~

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